Coverking Seat Covers

Product Details for Part# rv5w26p62

Part Number: RV5W26P62
Manufacturer: Coverking
Brand: coverking
Product: Coverking Deluxe RV Cover Presidium Grey
Description: Coverking Presidium RV covers an outstanding value and provides amazing protection for your RV. Made from 600 denier polyester the cover is tougher and thicker than the average universal RV cover. The 600 number refers to a type of polyester thread count in one-inch intervals (the higher the thread count the tougher it is). All seams use an advanced double-stitched method so covers remain water-resistant even at the closure. The cover is breathable to ensure moisture is not trapped within. Ventilated air-vents are aligned around the top edge to reduce wind friction and prevent moisture buildup. The cover comes with a built-in zippered-door-flap for easy in and out access. To keep the RV cover in place adjustable buckles are integrated on opposite ends.

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