Coverking Seat Covers

Product Details for Part# cssz65

Part Number: CSSZ65
Manufacturer: Coverking
Brand: coverking
GTIN: 715928150002
Product: Coverking Custom Sunshield
Description: Coverking Custom Fit Sun Shields. Reduces interior temperatures. Custom tailored in the USA for a perfect fit for your specific year make model. The internal layer insulates against heat while harmful uv-rays bounce off the reflective metallic surface. Prevents cracks on your dashboard and interior fading. Rolls up and stores easily with a built-in Velcro strap. Coverking Custom Sun Shields are made-to-order specifically for your Vehicle. Every pattern is designed specifically for your make model year and options. Your windshield has been analyzed by Coverking engineers using state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment. The custom pattern is tested for precise fit and durability. You are guaranteed a great fit with Coverking Sunshield. To achieve optimum reflection and insulation of heat and UV rays most materials are still and not able to fold or roll. Coverking developed a special high-density foam which has excellent insulation properties and laminated it between two layers of Mylar. The outer layer is Mylar with an aluminized coating which reflects virtually all UV rays. The inside layer is plain Mylar which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer. These three layers work together to provide the best heat and UV reflection insulate against heat and withstand numerous folding and rolling while maintaining rigidity to hold it's shape while on the windshield.

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