Coverking Seat Covers

Product Details for Part# mscsmm01

Part Number: MSCSMM01
Manufacturer: Coverking
Brand: coverking
GTIN: 715928301190
Product: Coverking Custom Molded Seat Covers MESH Solid Black
Description: Coverking 3D warp-knitted and foam molded seat covers. Thermoformed Molded Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made from a unique polyester material that’s soft to touch yet durable enough for everyday driving. Each set of covers are digitally scanned and precast with sophisticated true fit technology easily making this the best fitting seat cover ever created. With these molded seat covers you can literally see and feel the contours of the seat. The fit is absolutely flawless. Coverking molded seat covers include a thick foam laminate for added rigidity and support. The material’s backing includes a water resistant polymer attached to the breathable fabric. These seat covers are designed so that full seat functionality is not hindered. On top of that the set includes covers for your armrest headrests and center seat consoles if applicable for your seat type. Made from breathable 3D warp knitted polyester. Digitally scanned precision molded seat covers. Perfect fit without visible seams or stitching on the cover. Thick foam laminate included provides extra comfort and support. Water-resistant and easy to clean. Protects against stains UV rays from the sun. Made for extended use.

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