Coverking Seat Covers

Product Details for Part# cvc6sp98

Part Number: CVC6SP98
Manufacturer: Coverking
Brand: coverking
GTIN: 715928192545
Product: Coverking Custom Car Cover Stormproof
Description: Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Cover. Design Your Own Stormproof Car Cover. Highly water resistant and breathable fabric. Outstanding protection from the sun. Fabric is inherently protective so the performance will not diminish. Microfiber fabric is soft and won't scratch vehicle's finish. Ultra-compact and easy to store. THE ULTIMATE INDOOR and OUTDOOR PROTECTION. Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Covers are a unique industry leading multi-purpose cover that is both lightweight and extremely durable. Manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle this cover provides the best all around protection against extreme weather. Perfect for those living in the northwest region Coverking stormproof car cover also provides substantial protection against UV rays snow rain and other pollutants. The fabric requires no coatings that wear off - it's characteristics are built-in. This cover can be used both indoors and outdoors. Perfect protection against rain snow and other harsh weather conditions. Outstanding protection from the sun. Micro fibers are inherently protective and breathable. lightweight material yet extremely durable.

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