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Coverking Car Covers

Coverking Car Covers are available in Coverking Custom Fit and Universal Fit. Covers are designed to protect the vehicle from various hazards. Some Coverking covers are designed to provide style while protecting from dust and other hazards. When a new vehicle is released to the public, we dispatch a team of pattern designers who take measurements all over the car. We then make a sample cover, go back to test fit it, make adjustments and repeat the process until we are satisfied we have a perfect fit. Coverking is unique in the level of CAD equipment used to ensure the best possible fit, as well as our pattern library. Coverking is one of the largest suppliers to OE (factory) car cover programs. Some of the leading luxury and sports car manufacturers and tuners turn to Coverking for their private label car covers.
When a customer of ours orders, we manufacture the cover using the CAD pattern created from the aforementioned process. Virtually all Coverking Custom Car Covers are manufactured in our Anaheim, California factory. Universal covers are made in China. Coverking Custom Car Covers are made one at a time, after the customer places an order. They truly are a made to order, custom product. Some of our competitors sell "Semi-Cutom" car covers as if they were custom. These companies use a handful of designs to provide a close fit, unfortunately it is a far cry from a Coverking Custom Fit.
Coverking Car Covers Coverking Car Covers

A Coverking Car Cover offers many advantages – here are a few of them:

1) Coverking Car Covers keep a vehicle's re-sale value higher because the paint and interior will be in better condition when the vehicle is sold.

2) Thieves and vandals will be less likely to attack a covered vehicle - they can't see what is inside, and they don't want to call attention to themselves while taking off the car cover.

3) In sunny climates, Coverking Car Covers will keep your vehicle cooler.

4) Coverking's fit, construction and color choices make the car cover look great.

5) Less money will be spent detailing a vehicle, because a good car cover will prevent water spots, damage from acid rain and bird droppings, and the paint dulling brought by U.V. rays and blowing sand.

6) A Coverking Car Cover made from thick materials like Coverbond4 or Autobody Armor will resist minor dings and nicks from pets, children, and light hail.

7) For people who park their vehicles in long term parking such as airports, a Coverking Custom Car Cover will eliminate the need to pay extra for covered parking.

8) A Coverking Car Cover helps to maintain that “just washed” look between washes.

Coverking set out to create a superior Custom Car Covers in fit, material properties, looks, strength and features. Coverking Custom Car Covers protect the vehicle interior from fading, block prying eyes from seeing what’s inside the car (and acting as a theft deterrent) and help the environment by reducing the need for car washing. Some Coverking materials can prevent minor nicks, scratches and even small hail damage. Coverking Custom Car Covers are a great way to protect vehicles parked at airports or near industrial sites. In very sunny climates, they keep the interior cooler and in winter they keep the snow off the glass. And because Coverking insists on using the fewest seams, Coverking Custom Car Covers look great!

Car Covers use a lot of material, - 30 yards is common for most vehicles. In an effort to save material, some car cover manufactures use patterns which are “chopped up” into small pieces, and sewn together creating a patchwork effect. This method saves more than 20% of total material use, but results in car covers which look like patchwork quilts – seams everywhere. By having extra seams, risks of seam failures and seam leakage increase. In addition, the car cover looses it’s custom look and resembles a universal cover. Coverking has never compromised the function or fit of it’s Custom Car Covers to save a few yards of fabric. 

Coverking's fewest seams construction results in better fitting, better looking custom car covers. The fewer seams also result in less chance of leaks fromCar Cover Seams the seams and ripping at the seams. The only disadvantage of Coverking's construction is that it uses significantly more fabric to make the custom car cover. By "chopping up" a car cover into a patchwork, other cover manufacturers gain significant cost savings - but they produce an inferior product for their customers.

Coverking produces what it believes are the best products in the market. With Custom Car Covers, Coverking examined the wide selection of fabrics offered and felt Coverking's engineers could design a superior material. Test results show Coverking's fabrics to be superior in areas of fabric breathability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. Coverking chooses to fund engineering and design of fabrics instead of marketing of fabrics. Unfortunately, some companies choose to sell snake oil over investing the time and expense of a proper education.

Custom Car Covers: Custom Car Covers are made specifically to ONE specific vehicle. Many times, several Custom pattern variations are offered for a vehicle - for example; if a vehicle has a rear spoiler, a GPS antenna, etc.

Coverking Custom Car Covers are created through computer aided designs as well as computer aided manufacturing process so that it fits perfectly on the car, truck, or SUV. Because each fabric has different stiffness and stretch, each pattern is modified for the type of fabric used - resulting in well over 100,000 patterns. Because of the wide selection of patterns, fabrics and colors, Coverking has no stock. Beware of companies selling a custom cover from stock - most likely, it is not a true custom fit.

Generally, most custom fit covers have mirror pockets and the cover is cut and sewn to fit your particular model, whereas, semi-custom fit covers can be sloppy fitting with no mirror pockets. Also, there are many more fabric choices available in the custom fit format. The bottom line is, custom fit covers protect and fit much better than semi-custom or universal fit covers.

Universal Car Covers: Universal car covers are usually mass produced, in around three to five sizes, and are supposed to suit all cars or SUVs with these three to five sizes. Obviously, with the small number of sizes, the fit of a universal car cover to this wide range of vehicles will not be any where near as “snug” as a custom cover would be. an objective that is absolutely unrealistic. 

Coverking has available a Lock and Cable Kit (Part Number M1) to help prevent your Coverking Car Cover being stolen or blown away. Coverking’s Lock and Cable Kit can be ordered separately or with your Coverking Car Cover.

You can also have your name, or your license plate number, embroidered on your Coverking Car Cover. Having your name embroidered on your Coverking Car Cover actually works better than having your license plate number embroidered on the cover as it is more specific to an individual rather than to a vehicle.
All Coverking outdoor Custom Car Cover materials are breathable – this allows moisture which is trapped under the car to escape through the cover, preventing a “greenhouse” condition of condensation which may result in damage to your vehicle. If a car cover is waterproof, any condensation or moisture will stay trapped under the cover and cause bacteria to grow more rapidly and eventually lead to oxidation and rust. This can cost hundreds of dollars to repair and can be easily avoided by covering your car with a breathable material such as Coverking’s outdoor Car Covers. Beware of covers that claim to be waterproof – a waterproof car cover can damage your vehicle. A car cover should be water resistant, to keep the water from getting wet when it rains, but not waterproof.

All car covers will fade with time, but remember they are protecting your vehicles paint and finish. All of Coverking’s Outdoor Car Cover fabrics are UV-treated to resist fading, but eventually all fabrics used outaide will fade.

Coverking Custom Car Covers are supplied with a grommet for an antenna, where appropriate. Coverking does not add antenna pockets to many of our custom car fit covers because the pocket could actually cause damage to the antenna, especially in high wind situations or excessive fabric weight on thin, fragile antennas. A small percentage of vehicle applications call for antenna pockets sewn onto the cover because the antenna is non-removable and are generally small enough to be covered without being damaged.Generally, you will receive a two-piece, non-scratch, plastic grommet with your Custom Car Cover that can be used on the cover to help reinforce the area where you can slide the antenna through.

Installation of the grommet is simple and only takes a few minutes - Here's how you install the two-piece antenna grommet on your cover:
  • Remove your antenna, if possible.
  • Cover the vehicle with your Coverking Car Cover.
  • Mark the Coverking Car Cover (with a removable substance such as chalk) at the antenna base location. If you cannot remove the antenna, mark the cover at the antenna base location.
  • Remove the Coverking Car Cover
  • Snap the two-piece grommet onto your Coverking Car Cover from each side at the marked location.
  • Use a knife or blade to make a cut in the fabric inside the grommet.
  • Re-install antenna.

The plastic grommet will hold the fabric tight and keep the hole from enlarging or ripping. When installing your Coverking Car Cover after the grommet is installed, start by placing your antenna inside the grommet, then fold the sides over the mirror pockets, followed by securing the front and rear of the Coverking Car Cover to your vehicle. To remove your Coverking Car Cover, just reverse the process. 

A dirty or dusty vehicle will risk damage to your vehicle. It is important that your vehicle is clean before installing your Coverking Car Cover. Never fit a Coverking Car Cover to a unclean vehicle. A Coverking Car Duster (Part Number M12) will help remove dust from your vehicle. Coverking recommends using a Coverking Car Duster to help keep your vehicle clean.  

DO NOT cover a wet vehicle. Car covers prevent the vehicle’s paint and interior fading caused by sunlight but they also prevent sunlight from drying the car quickly. The outside of a car cover is usually waterproof but the inner lining generally is not. Water or moisture underneath a car cover for long periods can promote the formation of mold or bacteria. In addition, if water on the car contains dirt or debris, spreading the cover over the car can rub it in and scratch the paint. Moisture trapped under the car cover can also leave water spots on the vehicle. 

In general, always place the Coverking Car Cover in the center of the vehicle and roll-out or unfold the Coverking Car Cover along the length of the vehicle. If your Coverking Car Cover has mirror pockets, place the pockets over the mirrors first and cover the front and rear bumpers as the last step. 

DO NOT remove a Coverking Car Cover that has frozen under any circumstances – you risk damage to both the vehicle and to the Coverking Car Cover. The Coverking Car Cover must be thawed before removal. Pour warm water over the cover to expedite thawing.

DO NOT remove a Coverking Car Cover in the unusual circumstance that a layer of ice has formed between the cover and the vehicle. This layer of ice must be thawed before removal. Pour warm water over the cover to expedite thawing. 

Do not drag or pull Coverking Car Cover to remove it. Bring all four sides of the cover to the roof area in two-foot increments. Bring the front and the back of the Coverking Car Cover to the center of the vehicle, then roll-up or fold your Coverking Car Cover. After you perform this a few times you will develop a good system. By folding or rolling-up your Coverking Car Cover properly it will make installation much easier.

Note - Do not fold the cover on the ground or on a dirty work bench, as you can pickup lose dirt that could damage your vehicle's finish.

Coverking offers a Drawstring bag and a Duffle bag to help store your Coverking Car. A storage bag is definitely recommended for storing your new cover. A storage bag will protect your cover from dirty, dusty, damp areas. Storing the cover in a folded-up or rolled fashion (not in a fabric ball) will help with installation and will also free up much needed space, whether it be in the trunk or your garage shelf. A little time saved in the proper storage of the cover will save time in the long run.

Custom Car Covers
Coverking is the only manufacturer to offer the largest selection of custom vehicle cover applications dating back to the early 1900s, engineered materials, colors and designs. From budget car covers to the highest end car covers sold by the leading luxury and performance auto makers of the world. These covers conform to the most stringent requirements of the auto makers; starting from the engineered industrial fabrics to the manufacturing techniques, finishing and packaging. Coverking has a vehicle cover for every application, life style and personal taste.
Why Choose Coverking Custom Car Covers?
• Protects your investment against natural and man-made hazards: rain, snow, wind, hail, dirt, dust, UV, bird
droppings, tree sap, dings and dents, scratches etc.
• Protects the interior upholstery and personal belongings from UV and temperature extremes.
• Keeps from prying eyes. With additional lock and cable it becomes a theft deterrent.
• With Coverking’s exclusive Autobody Armor get the very highest protection; with Stretch Satin, protects with a glove-like fit, showing off your vehicle’s curves.
Pattern Fit and Design
Car Covers use a lot of material, 30 yards is common for most vehicles. In an effort to save material, some car
cover manufactures use patterns which are “chopped up” into small pieces, and sewn together creating a patchwork effect. This method saves more than 20% of total material use, but results in car covers which look like patchwork quilts – seams everywhere. By having extra seams, risks of seam failures and seam leakage increase. In addition, the car cover looses it’s custom look and resembles a universal cover. Coverking has never compromised the function or fit of it’s Custom Car Covers to save a few yards of fabric.
Coverking vehicle cover fabrics are highly engineered to protect the vehicle from nature’s elements: rain, snow, sun, UV rays, hail, storm, dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings etc. and hazards of modern day life: scratches, parking lot dings,dents etc.
Coverking’s dedicated textile technologists use the latest technology to research and develop vehicle cover materials and subject the materials to stringent requirements from auto manufacturers similar to those required for any other critical component of your car. Coverking uses its own testing labs to test each batch of fabric during production at the mills and at the receipt of the material at its facility in Anaheim, California.
Coverking Custom Car Covers are designed and cut on sophisticated CAD/CAM systems, which Coverking
pioneered twenty years ago. All outdoor Coverking Custom Car Covers are sewn using double needle and overlapped seams, resulting in a durable, leak resistant seam which has a backup stitch if the main stitch fails. Coverking’s indoor Stretch Satin fabric is sewn with a “blind seam” which is ideal for indoor show-car applications. Coverking Custom Car Covers have neoprene elastic tensioners sewn in the front and rear of every cover. Protected grommets for the optional security kit are sewn in the sides and covered, so as
not to be visible when the car cover is covering a vehicle. All Coverking outdoor Custom Car Covers are sewn with heavy, wax coated thread. The thin coating of wax helps to seal the fabric where the needle pierced through, reducing the chance of leakage through the seam.
Triguard - A composite 3 layer material Custom Car Cover suited for light weather conditions (perfect for occasional use or for under a carport/roof). The inner meltblown layer provides protection while the two spunbound layers provide strength and durability. Each layer is fortified with the finest UV light retarding agents. TriguardTM is fairly soft and stores very compactly.
Coverbond 4  - The perfect choice for vehicle owners who need additional protection against minor scratches and dents. Four layers of protection helps to guard against minor nicks and dings, even light hail. Gives surprising water resistance and breathable qualities. With extra bulk it is not suggested for daily users or for large SUV’s.
Mosom Plus / Coverbond 5 - Five layers of protection consisting of Spunbond Polypropylene, two of
Polyethylene micro porous film and a meltblown layer. The middle layer is an excellent rain barrier. The special cotton flock innerlayer pampers the most delicate paint finish. Each layer is fortified with the finest UV light retarding agents available. Great for general use, but not for the most extreme weather.
Silverguard   - A rugged 300x300 denier polyester woven fabric cover with a unique encapsulative coating. With a UV reflecting silver polyurethane coating on top and two coats of highly water resistant polyurethane coatings on the underside. This distinguishes it from a number of imitations on the market, which are typically only 75x75 denier nylon with little or no coating.
Silverguard Plus   - A general use cover with excellent sun, UV reflecting abilities and a good barrier from elements, including animal droppings. This is a silver coated cover ensuring all UV rays are reflected away and a twice coated polyurethane underside for additional water resistance. Finally, the polyester felt is laminated to provide a soft layer, making it the best coated cover material on the market.
Stretch Satin  - Coverking’s exclusive Stretch SatinTM is the best indoor use cover money can buy. Getthe luxury of pashmina wool, the feel of satin and the fit like it was your vehicle’s second skin. Made of the highest quality Polyester/Lycra/Spandex materials which shows off your vehicle’s curves. Soft brushed inner surface gently caresses and protects paint finishes.
Stormproof  - Developed for those who accept nothing but the best outdoor use cover for their prized possession. It is the culmination off over a decade of materials engineering resulting in a high quality, super high density microfiber. The fine fibers are tightly joined by new weaving technology. No coating added that can wash off, or needed with this inherently resistant material. Water resistant and breathable!
Autobody Armor - A truly one of a kind, best of the breed and years ahead of anything offered by anyone.
Revolutionary, offering the highest possible water resistance and the highest possible breathability (two opposing attributes) with sufficient stretch, to create a cover which fits like a latex glove. As the name implies, designed to protect your vehicle from the most hazards, and the most extreme weather!

Coverking Quality Assurance Warranty
Car/ Truck/ SUV Covers
Coverking products have a one-year warranty unless otherwise noted on the product material pages. (Autobody Armor and Stormproof Covers have a pro-rated, four-year warranty.) If a product fails under normal use during the warranty period, the item will be repaired or replaced at Coverking’s discretion. For warranty issues, please contact Coverking directly.
Please note the following:
Each warranty claim must be returned with RGA# (return authorization number) and is subject to inspection. To obtain an RA#, please call our Returns Coordinator at 714-850-0303, or email: Please include your Coverking (or other store) order number, the name of the store you purchased it from and a brief description of the reason for the return. Coverking is not responsible for products returned without RGA#s or any traceable marking or identification of the original order. The item will be inspected upon receipt, replaced or reworked according to the condition in which it was received andsent back to the customer at no charge. Warranty does not cover fading, which occurs naturally on all products used outdoors, or weather resistance of fabrics. Car-cover fabrics are not 100% waterproof, though they are breathable to allow moisture, condensation and heat to escape from under the fabric.
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